September 1-3, 2016

“The Fight for The Future!!!”

Proverbs 23:18 “Surely there is a future, And your hope will not be cut off”

TNPC, is a national gathering of prophetic leaders, believers and voices to contend for the heart, soul and future of America and her Church. The aim is to hear, pray and heed The word of the Lord to the nation and prepare prophetic voices for the challenges that are coming in the days ahead. TNPC aims to remedy the revelation crisis and drought as described in Amos 8:11 “"The time is surely coming," says the Sovereign LORD, "when I will send a famine on the land--not a famine of bread or water but of hearing the words of the LORD.” We are posturing ourselves for fresh insight, wisdom and instructions concerning Americas prophetic destiny from prophetic voices. We aim to gather prophetic leaders from diverse streams to create a collaborative platform and in depth prophetic understanding. We also aim to bring impartation for prophetic voices assigned to this season in American history!!


Washington Dulles Airport Marriott
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Dr. Matthew L Stevenson, III

Dr. Matthew L Stevenson, III

Main Speaker

Dr. Matthew L. Stevenson III, is vastly becoming an internationally respected voice for this time in history. He is a powerful governmental prophet, an apostolic overseer, and a leader’s leader. A thinker, discerner of the times and a polemic sound all describe what his life brings to the kingdom of God. He has been in ministry for 16 years and has served as the senior pastor of All Nations Worship Assembly for almost 12 years. Prior to full time ministry, He was a highly matriculated academic, working for the public education sector, both as a practitioner and in public administration. To date, he has published 6 books and has travelled ministering the word of the Lord to politicians and public officials, entertainers, professionals, athletes and leaders in 16 nations and counting. The primary earmark of his ministry is undoubtedly provocative preaching, unprecedented revelation and a very uncommon demonstration of the supernatural gifts of the Spirit. As an apostolic overseer, he oversees over 60 ministries through The Gate Network, which is a family of churches and ministries around the world, that look to Dr. Stevenson for supervision, oversight and apostolic leadership. Aside from being committed to his personal destiny, he considers his greatest contribution and achievement being the pillar of his family. He is the husband of Dr. Kamilah Stevenson, a former professional medical researcher and his co-laborer in life and ministry, and he is the natural father of 3. Many around the world have been radically shifted by his ministry and personally impacted by his Father’s heart!

Eagle Award Honorees

The eagles award is a presentation of The National Prophetic Conference that acknowledges the accomplishments, endurance and persecution of prophetic voices to America! These men and women of God have had a tenure of prophetic ministry, writings and developments that have played a significant role in opening the national acceptance of prophetic voices in this nation!


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